“I’m pregnant.”

You may feel like a tornado has just swirled into your life, uprooted any feelings of control, spun you around and set you down facing a positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy, planned or unplanned, can be a scary and confusing time. If you need someone to talk to during this turbulent time, Carolyn’s Place is here to offer education, encouragement, and resources. Take your time to think through your choices; time to make a decision you can live with today and into your future. Your counselor will be able to present you with all of your options, without pressure or judgment. The counselor will help you sort through your feelings, talk to you about your plans, and support you while you make your decision.

“Carolyn’s Place offers the most helpful pregnancy options. You provide the emotional and spiritual support young parents need and promote a positive life affirming message”

Your Options


You can choose to parent your child. Parenting is fulfilling and challenging. We offer an earn while you learn parenting program that will empower you to become a responsible parent Being a parent is less difficult when you know your support network. You may continue your relationship with your counselor after your baby’s birth for as long as you wish. Support with clothing, furniture, formula, and more is available through the baby’s first year during which time the center can provide you with referrals that will connect you into community resources.


You can choose an adoption plan for your baby: birthmothers have choices. Making an adoption plan for your baby is a mature and courageous choice motivated by unselfish love. As a birthparent, you can decide on some or no level of openness with the adoptive parents of your choice. Talking frankly about adoption in no way commits you to that choice in the end. Our Adoption Specialist can answer your questions as you think about the adoption option.


Abortion is a choice that ends with the destruction of a developing human being. Although your friends, relatives, and partner may all feel abortion is the best choice, you are the only one who can make the final decision. You will be the one to live with the consequences of your choice, so take your time and make sure you have all the facts.


It’s your choice.

Carolyn’s Place actively works with several adoption agencies. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you find an adoption agency with which you can feel comfortable. We do not profit from your choice.

We do not initiate or facilitate independent adoptions. We do not profit from your choice.

What’s happening inside?

Learn what’s going on the inside your body in our online fetal development video.

This short video details the growth of the unborn child from conception to birth.