Adoption can be an excellent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. It is a welcome alternative to raising a child a woman feels unprepared to raise.

Adoption is not giving up on your baby. Adoption is giving your baby the gifts you want him or her to have that you can not provide.  It is the gift of life to both the baby and the couple who will love and raise the child.  There is nothing more courageous and loving than a mother who does what is best for her child.

There are extensive waiting lists of couples looking to adopt newborn babies in the United States. For every couple that adopts, many more wait in line.  There are even prospective adoptive parents who specifically want to adopt disabled or special needs children.

Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. Today the birth mother is respected and empowered.  She chooses the parents she wants for her child from resumes and interviews.  The birth families and adoptive families get to know each other and often become friends during the pregnancy.  Any degree of openness after the baby is born is mutually agreed upon and can be arranged.

Carolyn’s Place can help you work through adoption. We can help answer your questions and provide the support you need.

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