Baby Bottle Boomerang

Your church, school, ministry, workplace or organization can help raise funds for the operation of Carolyn’s Place by hosting a Baby Bottle Boomerang.

These drives allow organizations to collect donations of spare change, cash and check donations by placing them in our iconic collection bottles. Organizations then have the option of having the Carolyn’s Place office count the donations or you can count funds through an existing procedure.

Carolyn’s Place can provide you with signage, collection bins, bottles, bulletin articles, and social media graphics to help you promote your drive. We can also, by request, provide a speaker to explain our mission to your community. We ask organizations hosting drives to assist in the communication, distribution, and collection process. Generally, BBB drives run for a 3 or 4 week collection period before “boomeranging” back to Carolyn’s Place.

Since one in every four dollars we spend is raised through a community BBB drive, continued success of this program helps us maintain a sustainable ministry for the Greater Waterbury Area.

To sponsor a BBB, a representative from your organization should contact our business office at 203.597.9080 or via email at Our business manager or BBB coordinator will be in touch to set up your drive shortly thereafter.

BBB Agreement Form for Catholic Parishes