Carolyn’s Place offers two weekly education programs designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Both programs are presented in our center by a qualified staff member or center volunteer.

Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn is our parenting education class for first-time pregnancies, focusing on both labor & delivery and infant care. EWYL gives mothers, fathers, & other support figures the skills and materials they need to take home a baby for the first time. EWYL classes run in six-week sections and are taught by a staff member with a medical background.

Eligibility Requirements: Participants (mother, father, caregiver) must be expecting their first child and be entering their third trimester.

Items Earned: Each week, those attending will receive new items chosen in relation to the day’s topic area as well as a new bassinet or crib at the end of the program. This includes all items demonstrated in our program: a new carseat, baby bath & hygiene products, personal care items for the delivery room, newborn clothing, diapers & wipes, blankets and pads, and other related items one would need to take an infant home.

Second Blessings

Second Blessings classes are intended for pregnancies that are not one’s first child. Each week, a presentation of a different topic area is offered by one of our staff members or volunteer “experts.” Presentations cover a variety of topics in the areas of pregnancy, childcare, and life skills. Second Blessings Classes do not need to be taken in any specific order, in fact we encourage individuals to attend the programs that best meet their needs. A new carseat and crib/bassinet are provided to those that complete 6 or more presentations.

Eligibility Requirements: Expecting or newly recent mothers, fathers or caregivers can enroll in this program.

I am so grateful for Carolyn’s Place parenting classes! I feel much more ready to bring my daughter home. Thank you!

2023 EWYL Graduate

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