If you choose to parent your child, we have many ways to help you:

  • Peer counseling and support
  • Referrals for outside services such as housing, financial, legal, and medical aid, including off site referrals for STD/STI testing
  • Earn While You Learn Classes: Our popular program that consists of childbirth and parenting classes that are made available to first time parents. The classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours. Clients learn about delivery techniques and parenting skills that are important once the baby arrives. Upon completion of the course, clients are eligible to receive items that will be needed for the baby’s care. Items may include crib, car seat, clothing, diapers, etc.


Adoption can be an excellent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. It is a welcome alternative to raising a child a woman feels unprepared to raise. Adoption is not giving up on your baby. Adoption is giving your baby the gifts you want him or her to have that you can not provide. It is the gift of life to both the baby and the couple who will love and raise the child. There is nothing more courageous and loving than a mother who does what is best for her child.

There are extensive waiting lists of couples looking to adopt newborn babies in the United States. For every couple that adopts, many more wait in line. There are even prospective adoptive parents who specifically want to adopt disabled or special needs children.

Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. Today the birth mother is respected and empowered. She chooses the parents she wants for her child from resumes and interviews. The birth families and adoptive families get to know each other and often become friends during the pregnancy. Any degree of openness after the baby is born is mutually agreed upon and can be arranged.

About Abortion Alternatives

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have a difficult decision to make. You have the option to parent your child, place your child for adoption, or you may be considering having an abortion. Carolyn’s Place recognizes the difficulty of this decision and we can help you to decide what is best for you and your baby.

You may be facing pressure to have an abortion; we can offer alternatives to abortion that you may not have considered. Our goal is to empower you to be the best advocate for your unborn child.


Abortion has many physical, emotional, and psychological risks associated with it. Some risks that follow abortion can include the following:

      • Infection
      • Heavy bleeding
      • Incomplete abortion
      • Damage to cervix
      • Scarring of uterine lining
      • Perforation of the uterus
      • Damage to internal organs
      • Sterility
      • Allergic reaction (to medication)
      • Death
      • Post-abortive syndrome which can include symptoms of depression, guilt, denial, suicidal thoughts, flashbacks of the abortion, avoidance, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, sexual dysfunction, sadness, eating disorders, and more…

There are different types of abortion (please create hyperlinks to each of the following types of abortions with the links provided below)

      • Medication abortion – Also known as the abortion pill or RU486
      • Surgical abortions
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Carolyn’s Place does not refer for or perform abortions.

Carolyn’s Place not a medical clinic.