Earn While You Learn is a program where cribs and car seats can be “earned” by attending the classes.

You will receive Personal Needs Items for completing the classes. The items available may fluctuate from time-to-time based on donations, but generally they include:

Diapers (newborn to size 6)
Clothing (newborn to 2T)
General baby items
Car seats, cribs, strollers and carriers when available.

Once a mom has gone through our entire program, she is then eligible to receive Ongoing Support for Key Personal Needs Items for Her Baby up to Size 2T. Distribution of on going personal needs items are at the discretion of the Director and on a case-by-case basis.

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What is Earn While You Learn?
The Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Program provides moms and/or dads to be with an opportunity to learn critical basic child birth preparation and parenting skills, while earning personal needs items for their baby.

Who can participate in EWYL?
The EWYL Program is available to any FIRST time mother-to-be who needs assistance with personal needs items for her baby and/or wants a better understanding of what to expect during labor, delivery and the early stages of her baby’s life.

How does the program work?
You will participate in Childbirth Preparation and Parenting courses given free-of-charge at Carolyn’s Place. After you attend each individ­ual class and complete any class responsibilities, personal needs items will be given to you to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Is EWYL only for moms?
No. Although many moms-to-be come alone, we encourage you to bring the father of the baby or someone who will be helping you at delivery, and at home with your newborn.

How long is the Program?
The EWYL Program runs for six weeks and meets once a week for one and one half hours. The program is offered days or evenings, and is scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Do I need to pay?
No. All EWYL programs are free. This is part of our education programs to assist first time moms.

You Will Learn

Child Birth Preparation

  • False Labor

  • True Contractions

  • Planning for Delivery

  • Birthing Options

  • Natural Childbirth Techniques

  • Anesthesia Options

  • Nurse/ Midwives

  • Overdue Pregnancies

  • C-Sections


  • Feeding the newborn

  • Baby’s early behavior

  • Hygiene

  • Immunization and doctor visits

  • What to look for in a daycare facility

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abuse

  • Baby proofing the home

  • 10 things every baby needs

  • Creative parenting

  • Q&A about discipline

  • Teaching your child to be kind

  • Impact of television on children

  • Carseat installation with a certified technician

  • Giving baby a bath

  • Making a swaddle

  • Making a bottle & breastfeeding basics

  • What to expect at your first pediatrician visit