We know that if this is not your first pregnancy, you won’t need a demonstration on changing a diaper or making a bottle. There’s a good chance you might have questions about taking your infant home to other children, pediatric benchmarks for all of your children, or when to move your older children into a booster seat. Maybe you would like to learn how to stretch your dollar, create healthier meals, or take a refresher on child labor and delivery. Second Blessings is designed to let you pick the topics that best suit your needs. 

Although our schedule changes regularly, here are some of the topics that occur during a typical two-month cycle:

Family Meets Baby

This presentation addresses typical challenges that arise when a new baby is brought home into an existing household. The presentation covers sibling jealousy & rivalry, setting schedules, making personal time for caregivers, handling temper tantrums and more.

Navigating Assistance Programs

This class covers commonly utilized assistance programs such as WIC, Husky, SNAP, as well as utility assistance, diaper banks, and other community resources. This presentation allows time to personally prepare and review applications.

Safe on the Road

A certified passenger safety technician reviews the car seat laws and best practices for children of all ages. Complementary educational car seat installations & adjustments are available following the class.

Safety at Home

This presentation identifies common household hazards to young children and approaches to keep them out of harm’s way.

Back to the Delivery Room

An experienced Labor and Delivery Nurse will review what to expect when you go to the hospital, especially things that may go differently than your last delivery. Comfort techniques will be reviewed as well.

Nutrition for the Young Family

A registered dietitian will present on the specific needs for optimal health and nutrition during pregnancy, nursing and the post-partum time as well as tips for feeding infants and young children.

Letters and Stories

This presentation demonstrates the importance of reading with your children and methods of introducing reading time to even the youngest of children.

Done with Diapers

The presentation provides an overview on how to begin the toilet training process for your young child.

First 1000 Days

An experienced pediatrician provides an overview of developmental benchmarks for the first three years of life.